Hamasho - Ethiopia Landrace

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Size: 250g

The Bensa district in Sidama, Ethiopia holds particular significance for us of late. This specific region has consistently yielded some of the finest coffees we've had the pleasure of tasting. This may be attributed to the district's high elevation and favorable climate, which foster a slower ripening process, resulting in exceptionally clean, vibrant, and expressive coffees.

Hamasho serves as the washing station in Bensa where this coffee undergoes meticulous processing. Harvested at optimal ripeness, the cherries are carefully floated in water to separate the less dense ones, subsequently depulped, fermented, and washed at the station to eliminate any residual mucilage. Finally, they are dried in a naturally shaded environment.

In the cup, this coffee bursts with refreshing citrus flavors upfront, winding down with a black tea finish complemented by hints of floral notes. It's seriously delicious and perfect for your daily cup.