Juan Felipe - Colombia Geisha

Size: 250g

Juan Felipe is the head producer of La Reserva, a farm situated in the mountainous region of Antioquia, Colombia. Since 2018, his primary objective has been to cultivate innovative, high-quality coffees while preserving the farm's protected forests.

We have found this Geisha coffee as particularly exceptional, both in terms of flavor and processing methodology. This coffee undergoes anaerobic honey processing. This means that it is harvested at optimal ripeness, the cherries are initially subjected to flotation in water to separate the less dense ones. They are then depulped and transferred to airtight tanks for anaerobic fermentation lasting 96 hours, followed by thorough sun-drying.

In contrast to typical anaerobic coffees, this coffee is remarkably clean, boasting pronounced floral notes and a delightful, sweet fruity finish. We are beyond stoked to share it with ya'll!